Your Computer Memory Queries Answered

We would be lost without our computers. Businesses are able to operate, keep track of their inventory and order new supplies all through the use of computers. Personal computers keep track of our finances, allow us to surf the World Wide Web and provide ways to relax us through the use of video games.

Computer memory is the most vital component that makes your pc run. Did you not know that? Do not feel bad because most computer users know just enough about their personal and work computers to know when something goes wrong.

You can get ahead of the pack by this article. You can learn what computer memory is and how it affects the performance of your business or personal pc/laptop.

How can I tell how much RAM I have on my computer?

If you do not automatically know… what is wrong with you? That is a joke of course. Most people do not know the technical aspects of their computer right off hand. Most never need to know as long as it is working correctly but there is a way to find out very quickly.

Simply find the My Computer or Computer icon on your desktop and right click once. A window will pop up, scroll to the bottom where it reads “Properties.” Left click on Properties and a window will pop up with all of your technical information. You can look under “System” to find your processor speed and your memory.

What is volatile storage?

Volatile storage is any storage or items that were temporarily stored that will be cleared when you power down your computer. RAM is cleared each time you power your computer down and volatile storage acts in the same manner. It is the opposite of non-volatile storage where information is permanently saved to the hard drive of your desktop or laptop computer.

What is Random and Sequential Access?

Random access is the ability of the pc to draw on different storage randomly. The data does not have to travel a set path in order to be stored or accessed. Sequential access is the direct opposite. There must be a set data path in order for the computer to be able to access the information it needs in order to run properly.

Can the information found in a computer memory be changed?

Yes, information found in a computer’s memory can be changed. RAM is deleted and cleared whenever you restart your pc. Long term storage can be deleted and changed to meet your specifications. If you do not know how to change your data, you can always seek out message boards specializing in data storage.

Can different computers use the same memory?

As long as the computer has the same base components, it can use different memory module options. Some computers on a network may be able to be connected together so that they can use a larger RAM database. The database would have to be pretty large for more than one computer to be connected and all of them using the RAM.

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