Apps to Turn Your iPhone Or iPad Into a Piano

Drum machines have always been a staple in many home recording and professional recording studios. As technology advanced MIDI keyboards allowed you to get real piano sounds from an electronic device, now the iPad, iPhone and Android powered mobile devices are giving you a digital piano right at your finger tips.

In this article I want to introduce you to the 3 most power apps that allow you to turn your mobile device or tablet into a full functioning piano or keyboard to use for fun, song writing or even performing or recording.


This is by far the best piano app I’ve seen. Someone actually used this application on an ipad to play a live piano solo on the tonight show. This application offers you a full size keyboard on screen or the option to zoom into 2 octaves worth of keys.

The sample sound quality is top notch and there is even a built in drum machine you can create beats on to play along with.

Magic Piano

This is more of a fun based piano application. While it does provide you with 2 octaves worth of keys to play on you can see the focus of the application is more of a game and entertainment rather then music creation. Fund features like a spiral piano make this application great for youngsters as well.

Virtuoso Piano

This piano app is similar to Pianist that it gives you an actual piano to play with. There is a free and pro paid version of this app available so you can easily download the free version and test it out before you have to spend a dime.

These three applications and literally hundreds of others are making music creation and play easy on mobile devices. What does the future hold? Hard to say. In order to make the most of these apps you of course still need to be able to play the piano, but maybe in the future you’ll be able to do that on these devices as well.

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Reviewing The Newest Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy S has been extended overdue. Whilst Mac products and now even HTC have a sterling rep for smartphone software, the South Korean giant’s trump card is its ultra sizzling hardware. That is been lacking through the company’s Android Operating System series up for your final year, but this telephone changes that, and puts it appropriate back again for the entrance of your smartphone pack. See what we imply in our complete Samsung Galaxy S review.

The consequence is often a telephone that does not really have exactly the same premium experience to it. The back again does appeal to fingerprints due to its glossy finish, but as soon as snapped in place, it is strong enough without signs of twisting and no creaks as you use it. A smaller bulge to the backside rear will help give some description to what would in any other case be just a slab, the bump seated neatly within the palm of one’s palm while you hold the telephone to solid your eyes throughout its expansive screen. In addition, it provides some grip for the fingers when holding it in landscape to look at movies or utilize the digital camera. The 5-megapixel snapper sits for the back again, framed in chrome detailing.

Black is accurate black, as there’s no backlight, as well as for thinking about photos and video recording it is wonderful, if a bit overly saturated to the colors. OLED technological innovation has been applied by Samsung for years, but often proved tricky to perspective in brilliant daylight – which also impacted closely about the usefulness of the camera. You can find no this sort of worries here, with an additional ‘outdoor visibility’ mode offered if you energy up the digital camera to bump up the brightness briefly.

Only Yahoo has are available anywhere near catching up about the amount of applications offered on Apple’s App Shop, so it can be most likely fair to say that there is bound to be an application for anything you need on Android Operating System, though with regards to video games things are nonetheless relatively sparse, for now. Most big identify developers are intending to help Android os within the long term. Seems smart, the Galaxy S is an virtually carbon duplicate from the apple iPhone 3GS. Samsung need to be somewhat annoyed that Apple altered the search so radically on its new design, but that would not mean the Galaxy S just isn’t as thin because the new iPhone.

Clearly it truly is difficult to begin anyplace aside from the screen. Samsung has been shouting about its Super AMOLED exhibit, along with the tech neighborhood pitching the Galaxy S display against the Retina Display from the apple iPhone 4. Both shows are extremely achieved and even though the apple iphone features a higher decision, we cannot fault the Samsung’s vibrancy and contrast. Blacks are deep, whites are brilliant, colors are intense, creating the Galaxy S a striking gadget to have a look at once you carry the display screen to life.

For the front, you will find two touch-sensitive keys for menu and back again, and also a centre push-button for property, or your activity supervisor if held. Unfortunately, there is no immediate search button. All round, the cell phone appears absolutely nothing quick of awesome, even if lots of the style cues are, erm, ‘borrowed’. When switched on and put in place (you’ll require a Yahoo account), you go on the household display screen that may be familiar to any Samsung mobile phone owners that acquired a design using the TouchWiz user interface. This includes Android-like scrolling panels for the homescreen, and iPhone-like scrolling pages inside the menu.

There are 3 shortcut buttons with the bottom of the display that remain on show in the least instances. The pull-down notification web page is almost standard-Android, but for some icons to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and change in between silent and vibrate modes. There’s practically nothing wrong with Samsung’s front-end in any respect. It really is no different to an HTC user getting the Feeling UI through the standard Yahoo software program. Even so, it can be really worth noting that you will discover a vary of 3rd party apps to adjust the homescreen layouts and in case you would choose to return towards the far more native Google front-end, it is possible to with a thing like LauncherPro.

Using a leaf out of HTC’s Feeling UI, you get a number of companies to receive care of the social networking desires, so Twitter, Fb and MySpace are all neatly pulled into your contacts (in the event you want them to become) and different Samsung applications presenting to make use of your social networks in a variety of techniques. Buddies now enables you to assign favourite contacts to follow, so that they appear with a Rolodex-style carousel, with their most current status update on show and an alternative to get in touch with them. Feeds and updates will exhibit your social networks in a very record type feed that is equivalent to HTC’s Friend Stream, despite the fact that if you comply with any number of people today on Twitter, you can by no means have the ability to help keep track.

For multimedia, the Galaxy S has its personal inside memory of 8 or 16GB (the model reviewed came with 16GB) plus a separate microSDHC credit card slot. That implies it is possible to upgrade (unlike an apple iPhone) to get as substantially as 48GB of storage space. Mac users be conscious: The inside storage didn’t operate like a mass storage space device, generating it impossible to pull and decrease files to something but a independent memory card. With room for a lot content, it can be good that the video recording player helps all major video formats which include DivX and XviD. It may play High definition, as well as record it at 1280×720 inside digital camera application. The gallery utility is the similar 3D version that featured on Google’s Nexus A single.

If you’ve acquired the right kit, you will find the ‘AllShare’ app all of the far more helpful – permitting you to play your marketing on the DNLA compliant unit, or play subject material from yet another DNLA gadget (e.g. network storage space drive). You’ll be able to also use the phone as a remote control for any marketing server. There is also an e book reader that looks extremely similar to Apple’s iBooks application, but at this stage I’m not shocked whatsoever about the similarities in between this mobile phone along with the apple iPhone.

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The PURE GOLD Lining The Trump Cloud

Trump may well turn out to be the best thing that has happened to the people of the western world for a long time. While I am not a supporter of Trump as his values are the opposite of mine I celebrate the impact he is having on people (albeit unintended on his part).

Trump is creating a paradigm shift in the hearts and minds of many people in the western world.

Since Trump won the presidency I love to listen to the news while driving. The news has become so exciting. Why? Within the Trump said/did headlines are inspiring stories of individuals taking a stand. They are standing up, saying no that is not right nor just, and taking ACTION. Since the announcement of Trumps withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord the stories on the news have leaped to an all new level of inspiring, and not only that, these stories are taking the majority of the news airtime.

It started with the Travel Ban on some Muslim Counties. Individuals and organisations alike are suing the administration. The judiciary standing in their own power and wisdom placed a hold on the travel ban. The scientific community realising that to ensure change happens and protect efforts to reduce climate change, the earth and the environment they have to get involved in politics and get voted into congress. They are organising in-depth training for those willing to run for election. Majors from many cities are thinking for themselves and making their own choices. Daily my inbox is full of requests for donations by environmental and other groups all fired up and fundraising to take the government to court. The list goes on and on, far too numerous to mention.

Now European leaders are choosing not to be involved with Trump regardless of the power, wealth and influence of the US. Additionally I have a huge respect for those people in the White House who have made the significant decision to leak information. These are just a handful out of many examples of people making the choice to stand for truth, justice and what is right and good.

Listening to a Professor of Environmental Studies yesterday speaking about Trump’s possible decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord make the most astonishing claim. He said as his first response “Regardless of the decision of the US government the US Society will still back the Paris Climate Accord”. Notably he did not lament or criticise Trump, he didn’t bother, he was only focused on what can be done in spite of Trump. This is an amazingly bold statement and to me is symbolic of a real turnaround in human nature.

Today with the Trump announcement that “He” is pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accord – the news is full of people, organisations, cities, large companies all speaking about their commitment to continue supporting the Paris Climate Accord regardless of Trumps decision. The news has never been so inspiring as it is today. Trump is sparking a fire in people to stand in their own power and wisdom, galvanising and doubling their commitments to help bring about a world that is clean and green.

People, Our Planet and Nature will be the winners. Being confronted with the disregard for the welfare of the planet has electrified people to care more than ever before. Trump has generated an unprecedented commitment at a whole new level to caring for our planet. This will hopefully bring about a long-term shift in living in harmony with nature, caring for the water, the air, the earth, our planet. It may even create a competition to see who can leave the lightest footprint on the earth.

Just as wild fires are needed every occasionally to burn away the old wood, rejuvenate and seed in the new beginnings of a new forest, so too is the wild fire of Trumps ego and self centeredness sparking a new beginning in the western world. People are choosing truth and justice, balance and harmony and finding within themselves the determination needed to stand their own power and wisdom.

People learn and grow by adversity. Adversity and negative situations give us the opportunity to find within ourselves the ability to push down on the negative and rise up to become more then we ever could be before. Additionally we can discover what we really want, what is most important to us by being confronted with exactly what we don’t want. Trump is giving the people this opportunity, an opportunity even the best president could not give.

This time in our history seems to mark a fork in the road. I am reminded of Hopi’s Prophecy Rock that has gained such prominence in the last two decades as a dire warning to humanity. “The short line that returns to the straight Path of Life is the last chance for people to turn back to nature before the upper road disintegrates and dissipates.” Trump and his ways represent so perfectly the upper left hand road that disintegrates. The right hand path brings humanity back to nature “The small circle above the Path of Life, after the last chance, is the Great Purification, after which corn will grow in abundance again when the Great Spirit returns. And the Path of Life continues forever… “

Trump offers us in the west the litmus test of the Prophecy Rock Life Path. It seems many people are overwhelmingly choosing the right path over the one represented by Trump, of selfishness, greed, material focus and self-interest. They are choosing the path of nature, integrity, truth, justice, harmony and balance.

Trump is helping people to gain their own autonomy, to truly individuate out from the mindless following of authority and we can no longer be beholden come what may to “authority”.

This is a revolution and evolution happening in the consciousness of the people of the west.

To understand just how significant the evolutionary change is that is happening now, we have to look back at how deeply ingrained was the need to obey authority within the psyche and unconscious of humanity.

Thankfully Stanley Milgram gave us a measure that we compare ourselves to. Revealing that we really are changing.

Milgram wanted to understand why people followed orders and carried out horrendous acts of war. Milgrams Obedience Experiment from 1961. “The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram. They measured the willingness of study participants, men from a diverse range of occupations with varying levels of education, to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts conflicting with their personal conscience; the experiment found, unexpectedly, that a very high proportion of people were prepared to obey, albeit unwillingly, even if apparently causing serious injury and distress.” Wikipedia. 61% of participants continued to obey “authority”. While some eventually said no, even most of these people still applied the electric shock a number of times before they said no and stopped.

Only a very few amazing individuals said NO quite quickly. Sadly no one explored what these people were doing within themselves that made them so different from the majority. This type of experiment has been proven many times with similar or even higher % results. The need to obey “authority” has been deeply hardwired into our unconscious.

Just 56 short years on and thanks to Trump people in the west are standing up to so called “Authority” because that authority is not acting in integrity with the best interests of all and the planet. All this is being done in a peaceful and proactive way. That is singularly amazing. I call this a huge paradigm shift in consciousness.

This change is not happening in everyone nor does it need to. All that is needed is enough people to create the 100th monkey effect for these changes to become generative.

Trump has no power on his own. The only real power comes from RELATIONSHIP. Relationship – with those who carry out his wishes, the White House community, the organizations that implement the rules, the international community and the People. Fear and bullying is no-longer a currency that works, only relationships that are respectful, co-operative, co-creative, based in integrity and for the greater good will do. Without these relationships he is powerless.

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10 Common Mistakes in APP and Software Localization

Developing software can be challenging, but when localization is also required, there are simple concepts which when incorporated will make localization easier and quick. Here is what needs to be followed:

Keep the text and code separate
When writing to code, the coder may be tempted to embed the text directly into the code. Ensure that this is avoided as this will cause the software localization experts to have to reread the whole code to determine which text needs to be translated. This process will be time-consuming and costly.

It is important to give room
Some languages such as English are compact allowing the developer to keep the code compact. However, some languages such as German and Finish, for example, are longer and denser. If the coding is compact with no extra space when the APP localization is done, the string may overlap onto the controls and require the APP or software to be edited after the translation.

Be specific on language and country
It always pays to be precise and the same applies to software development. It is therefore advised that a language and a country code are used in the coding. After all, US English will defer from UK English in spelling as well as in date formats, etc. These differences, when addresses, will help you to add similar language options with ease as the software is tuned for new geographies.

Concatenate code
Some developers do not place complete sentences in the code causing the APP localization experts to have to guess the missing sentence which causes errors and confusion in the translation process. These incomplete sentence puzzles are difficult to crack and cause a lot of time wastage.

Ensure Unicode support
Use UTF-8 as it standardizes the encodings across the browser and server. After all, you will want to avoid a situation where the server is in English, the browser in Chinese and all the characters get corrupted.

Numbers, Units, Dates & Times
During the App development process, remember to request not to hard-code the number, units, date and time format as these differ with geographies. When software localization is being done, hard-coded formats cause difficulty in adapting to the changed culture and can be confusing.

The writing does not always flow from left the right!
Unlike English, some languages are written from right to left and a few others vertically. Ensure the coding allows for APP localization to adapt to these different forms of language input. It safer to prepare beforehand for the complex writing formats than to have to spend considerable time for software localization.

Enable secure communication
When coding a variable can have different meanings, and this largely depends on the coder. In these cases, it is important to communicate with the localization expert to make him/her understand what the variable stands for. Ensure the coder leaves notes and tips to enable smooth localization minimizing the errors.

Beware of images which contain text
Images are great for APP development as they reduce the word count and make the coding easier to understand apart from making the APP/ software more appealing to the user. However, when these images contain text, the software localization process is impaired as the text on the graphic also needs to be translated and re-coded. Remember to always keep the images and the text apart for easy translation.

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